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We welcome you warmly to our online interface. Before you begin purchasing medications on our site, we would advise that you review the Terms and Conditions presented here.

Firstly, we are one of the foremost suppliers of OTC medications as well as generic drugs of only the finest quality. We source our medications from some of the finest and best Indian pharmaceutical companies who are all FDA approved. Given our close relationships with these manufacturers we are in a position to easily supply our customers with the drugs that they need – in the quantity and time frame which they desire. Moreover since 90 days is the typical time frame for which medications can be sought out in advance, you can easily have 3 months of medications with you from us altogether, without any qualms at all, i.e. without having to order or purchase them over and over again within short time frames.

The best part is that when it comes to the pharmaceutical composition of the medicines produced by Indian pharmaceutical companies, they are essentially exactly the same as the ones sold in the US. The FDA has clearly double checked on this before approving them to sell medications here. It is just that the cost of manufacturing the exact same medicines in India is much less than in the US which is why they are being made there.

At our end we have also ensured that the whole process of sourcing medicines from us remains simple and straightforward. All you need to do is to search through the medications that we have on offer. Once you find the medicines you need – which you will with complete ease, simply go ahead and ‘Add to Cart’. Once you are done doing so for all the medicines that you need, you can easily ‘Check Out’, paying for the medications that you have chosen. In this process, do ensure that you either scan or fax us a copy of your prescription for the medications that you are seeking, which is an absolute must.

As per laws that govern us, we also mandate that those purchasing medicines from us should be above the age of 21. Also, they must be in a position to legally purchase medicines from us this way on the Internet, as per the laws that apply in their own jurisdiction. We will not take any kind of responsibility in case of lapses on this front on the part of consumers.

With regard to our own reputation in this business, please be assured that we have been selling medicines this way over the Internet for well over a decade now. So we know all the nuances of selling medicines this way, ensuring customer satisfaction at all times. In fact in case of any shortcomings, say delays in customer receipt of medications, we even ensure free shipping of medicines…anything to keep customers fully satisfied.

So if you are looking to save money and yet get the medicines that you need, quickly and in bulk quantity, don’t look any further than us for that!

Our Guidelines

Here we ensure that certain guidelines are strictly maintained at all times which are specified below.

  • You will never ever find any medicines on our site which are in anyway not genuine or old and expired; they would all be 100% genuine.
  • We never ever make any unrealistic claims about the medications offered on our site.
  • Since we are a fully licensed pharmacy we abide by all the statutes and guidelines which drive all such entities, to the hilt.
  • Under no circumstances will we ever send patrons any kind of banned substances, including but not limited to narcotics as well as items such as Benzodiazepines.

Why Us

An obvious question that comes about in the minds of a lot of patrons is why they would choose to work with us in the first place. Well we feel there are various reasons for which we make the foremost choice among patrons among all online pharmacies.

First up you will find that quality will never be a concern with us; this is one aspect which we will never compromise upon under any circumstances whatsoever.

Then it is ultimately the complete satisfaction of our end patrons which is foremost on our minds. At the end of the day, nothing else really matters as much as the fulfillment of our customer needs as well as their ability to derive complete satisfaction from the services that we have on offer.

Moreover, certain specifics which will always remain true in our case include:

Highest Service Standards

Our service standards remain impeccably high and will always remain so under all circumstances. In fact we have an entire team purely dedicated to ensuring that when it comes to quality and service standards they are not compromised under any circumstances.

Lowest Prices

Another assurance from our side at all times is that of the lowest prices possible, so much so that we virtually guarantee that; it is next to impossible for you to find lower prices for the medications that we offer, thanks to the intuitive relationships that we have formed with manufacturers whereby we are able to obtain these medications directly from them at the lowest prices…we in turn pass on these benefits to end consumers.


Our customers routinely seek out discretion in the manner in which medications are delivered to them and we ensure precisely that. Whether it is the packaging itself or the way items are billed, any third person is likely to find it very tough to gauge as to what exactly is being ordered from us.

Ample Choice of Medications

With us you will definitely find the widest choice of items on offer. In fact there is practically no medication per se – as commonly sought by patrons that you will not find with us. We make it possible thanks to the fact that we constantly listen to our customers. That way we are able to offer them exactly what they are seeking, that too in the quantities in which they would be seeking out from us. Moreover, even in the rare cases in which medications may not be available with us, we make sure that our supplies are replenished as quickly as possible so that ultimately our customers get just what they are looking out for.

Secure Shopping Environment

We have invested in some of the best tools and technologies when it comes to security of our interface. Essentially customers have no need whatsoever to remain concerned about their information being compromised in anyway with us, be it credit card details or any other personal information – that is all completely secure.

Support Post Sales

Our service delivery does not end simply by delivering medications to end customers. Even after that we ensure that if patrons require any kind of assistance that is available from us without a hitch.This could include clarification on items shipped, further orders such as an additional batch of medications, confirmation on future availability or any other query along similar lines. We also follow up on medication delivery, right till customer doorstep.


We ensure that the pharmacies whose medications we offer on our interface are ones which have been certified by the FDA and are also licensed to sell drugs here. Not only that, FDA has actually double checked their premises to be up to the high standards of excellence expected from them whereby medications can be made at their facilities with utmost ease.

Beyond that, we ourselves are also fully certified and licensed to actually sell drugs online the way we do, having passed all necessary legal requirements for the same.

In the course of our dealings with customers who purchase medications from us, we assume that these purchases are being made purely for the sake of personal consumption. Therefore we do not assume that they would in turn resell the medications or use them somehow in some other way commercially. Moreover for those customers purchasing in foreign countries, we make the express assumption that such purchases are being made from us essentially because the same drugs are in fact not available in their own country.

We ourselves do not take any liability for actions resulting out of customs seizure or forfeiture. In case of any such notice or implication we shall forward the same to the actual purchaser.

All brand specific information accompanying medications sold on our site is intended purely for informational purposes only. Under no circumstances should any assumption be made with regard to our association with any of these brands, including but not limited to any attempt on our part to promote certain medications over others – it is purely the discretion of end users to actually choose the medications they wish to purchase from us. The same holds true for brands offered as alternatives to brands sought by customers, in case the latter is not available with us at the time.

Neither do we hold any trademark against the medications that we sell; they all belong to the respective drug manufacturers. Any reference you may find on our website with regard to ‘Our Brand’ would essentially refer to the brands of medications which are on offer here; they would not refer to any kind of trademark or brand name ownership on our own part.

Latest Updates & News Information

We are excited about offering 100% money back guarantee in case of dissatisfaction. This comes with a no questions asked policy.

Likewise we also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee; if customers do not like the brand of medications offered to them, we will supply an alternative brand at no extra cost to the customer.

Then we also work hard on offering 100% guarantee of delivery. Within a maximum of 30 days, your shipment must reach you; if it does not, we will reship at our own cost.

We have also worked very hard to offer additional rebates up to $5 on all payments which are made by Wire Transfer or Check or Money Order. So make the most of this offer by opting for these payment modes which will only allow you to save even bigger.


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